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To play, just think of a word and type it in.

Twirdie checks to see how many times that word was tweeted in the past 60 seconds.

The number of times that word was tweeted is how far your ball goes!

Playing golf just got geeky.

- Heike Meybugh pixelvulture.com

Oh my god ... it's genius!

- YogTrailers YogTrailers

Ultimately, Twirdie is a fascinating combination of social networking and gaming.

- Jennifer Allen148apps.com

It is definitely worth checking out if you have a obsession with Twitter,Golf, or having fun.

- Arashi541theappshack54.blogspot.com

Digital heroin for people who like golf and Twitter and want both at the same time.

- John Truong @grenamier

Twirdie combines the two pursuits, in a way that people who love Twitter will probably love

- National Public Radio npr.org

A game like Twirdie gives you this play structure to really think very much about what the world is thinking about.

- John Sharp @jofsharp
What's in a name?

A birdie in golf is a score of one stroke under Par on a given hole and comes from the 19th century American slang term "bird", meaning anything excellent. Add the "tw" for Twitter and you get Twirdie!

How does it work?

Simple! Type a word and Twirdie finds out how many times that word was tweeted in the past 60 seconds. That number is how far your ball goes.



What are some of the features?

Unlock each of the 9 challenging courses as you play over grass, sand, and sea. Play golf in a new and exciting way by accessing live "up-to-the-minute" data via Twitter. The only way to play with what the world is talking about right now.

Where did Twirdie come from?

Twirdie is a collaboration between recent Parsons graduates Kurt Bieg, a 2010 IGF nominated game designer (see Halcyon for the iPad) and, Ramsey Nasser who recently developed Zajal, a unique creative coding language.